Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kids help kids through WAR International crayon collection

by Zinta Aistars for, Advance News
November 16, 2012

They are called the Fantastic 5s. Twenty-three children, all 5 years old, attend Laura Crump's class at Cross Creek Charter Academy, 7701 Kalamazoo Ave. SE in Byron Center, and they are busy learning, broken crayons in hand.

Like most children, the Fantastic 5s like to color. But they learn even more when they give their crayons away.

Outside of the classroom door is a large bin. As the kids come into class, they drop crayons in. Broken or worn down to stubs – it doesn't matter, in they go. All colors. When the bin is full, another group of students, 23 sixth-graders taught by Yesenia Baker, collect the bin and take the crayons to another classroom to strip off the paper labels and sort them by color.

Piles and piles of sorted crayons eventually make their way to ...

READ THE FULL ARTICLE ON MLIVE.COM to learn more about the kids and more about Women at Risk, or WAR, International, an organization helping women and children at risk across the globe, and fighting human trafficking. It's important.

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