Friday, November 02, 2012

How a Kalamazoo pharmacist becomes a creator of cosmetics

by Zinta Aistars
Published by Southwest Michigan's Second Wave Media
November 1, 2012

Christine Arseneau of Tina's Pharm (Photo by Erik Holladay)

When a woman loses the child she is carrying, the hit to her heart and health is difficult enough. For Christine Arseneau, the pain did not end there. Shortly after her miscarriage two years ago, doctors noted an odd fluctuation in her hormonal levels. Further tests revealed that some of the placenta cells had developed into a type of cancer called gestational trophoblastic disease, or GTD.

What good can possibly come from that?

Good things did. Arseneau went through 12 weeks of chemotherapy, and in the process, as one door closed behind her, she began to detect ...

READ THE FULL ARTICLE on SECOND WAVE to learn how Christine's experience turned cosmetic and why that is so important to women everywhere. What you put on your body, Tina says, may be even more important than what you put in your body.

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