Thursday, November 15, 2012

Believing in pockets of green champions

by Zinta Aistars
Published in Rapid Growth Media (Grand Rapids, MI)
November 15, 2012

Brett Little (Photography by Adam Bird,

"Brett Little, administrative director of Alliance for Environmental Sustainability, doesn't just think green at work. He also made sure he lived in a green home, and spends his days making intentional choices with reducing his carbon footprint in mind." 

Order up a coffee at Starbucks and you might expect a shot of cream. But a shot of green? Exactly what Brett Little got in his mug. A college kid working on his associate's degree at Baker College in Flint, he was making a buck as a barista, but he was also getting some education – from that same mug.
"We were using organic milk, soy milk, Fair Trades," he says. "So I started to wonder. You could say an awareness was born. That's how I learned about climate change." He helped develop a recycling program, reduced water and electricity usage, and used green cleaning methods at the Starbucks branch.
One heck of a cup of coffee. While Little was ...


(I love doing these green stories. Brett is one of the good guys in my book. We need many, many, many more like him.)

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