Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cottage on the Hill: Featured on Tiny House Blog!

by Zinta Aistars
Published on Tiny House Blog, Nov. 26, 2012

I’ve long enjoyed Tiny House Blog, admiring the philosophy and the tiny houses featured on this popular site about living simply and small. In March 2012, I moved to a 100+ year old farmhouse in southwest Michigan on 10 acres, my dream come true, sweeter still because it had a tiny cottage on a wooded hill.

This fall, I weatherized the cottage, added a small deck, an outhouse, painted it inside, furnished it, creating a writer’s retreat. With its quirky angles and mismatched windows, it’s been likened to a place from a Tim Burton movie, or from Dr. Seuss. No two windows match, each are at a different height. It’s approximately 120 sq. feet on the main floor, 80 sq. feet on the upper floor...

Visit TINY HOUSE BLOG to read the rest of this story and view photos of my own Cottage on the Hill, on Z Acres, now available as a writer's and artist's retreat.

Learn more about visiting and staying at the Cottage on the Hill.

Cottage on the Hill on a foggy November morning

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