Thursday, January 17, 2013

Word Power at K

by Zinta Aistars
Published in Kalamazoo College's "Be Light"
January 2013

Jessica Farmer, left, and Amy Newday, right

Amy Newday, director of the Writing Center (Room 110 in Upjohn Library Commons) at Kalamazoo College, curls into the corner of the red couch and lifts a hand as if to punctuate her words, and says: “You WILL be judged.”

Yet it’s not Newday that will do the judging. She will tell it to you straight: it’s the world out there that will judge you, outside of Kalamazoo College (and sometimes in), with every résumé you send out, every cover letter, every corporate missive, every office memo, every report, and every proposal. Never mind what you hear about sticks and stones. It’s the words that carry power. 

“We don’t edit students’ papers at the Writing Center,” she says. “We help students determine how to succeed in the writing task at hand and work with them to develop the skills they need to succeed.”

Newday helps students at Kalamazoo College find power and meaning in their writing.  The philosophy of the center is that ...

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Jessica, left, and Amy, right

Hannah, left, and Amy, right

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