Friday, January 11, 2013

I'm in the semifinals at Write Michigan!

My story, "Letting Go," was chosen from 600 entries to move up to the semifinals on January 11, 2013. Please read and give my story a vote if you think it worthy to move to the finals. You can vote once each week, up until January 31. Thank you!

Please visit to read and vote. 

Nearly 600 people from all over Michigan entered our inaugural writing competition. Entries in the 18-and-over and under-18 categories were judged during round one by West Michigan librarians and booksellers. 88 literary fussbudgets evaluated the stories in seven criteria, including characterization, plot, setting and passion.

We are now happy to turn over this delightful batch of exceptional stories to you! So now, friends, the vote is ON! Ten semifinalists in each of two categories were selected for a chance to win Readers' and Judges' Choice!

To read a very diverse selection of writing from very talented folks, or to simply exercise your judgmental nature, go to the Write Michigan Voting Page, read the top 10 entries in both categories and vote for up to 2 favorites a week, one from the adult and one from the youth categories. Make haste; polls close on January 31.

Winners will be announced on February 1.

Letting Go
By Zinta Aistars

Haven't we been through this before? Her leaving, me standing in the road. Counting the miles ahead of her and away from me. The miles a lengthening drone between us. 
A mother should understand this at the moment of birth: there will come the day that your child lifts floppy new wings, teeters at the edge of the suddenly cramped nest, and takes off. It can happen more than once. Anyone who doesn't understand this should never take on parenthood. 
I didn't run after her, I swear. I did not. I stood at the end of the driveway, watching the tail lights of her battered '92 Chevy glow fiery red, hand stuck out the window and waving, then the lights growing dim again as she pulled around the corner of our street and disappeared ....

READ THE FULL STORY (click and scroll UP) AT Write Michigan Voting Page and VOTE! Thank you!

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