Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Triple Love

by Zinta Aistars
Published in Kalamazoo College newsletter, BE LIGHT
January 15, 2013

Sam and Leigh Ann

This is a love story. A triple love story.

Yes, a growing and sometimes challenging triple love—between two Kalamazoo College graduates and the city of Detroit, between these two and their alma mater, and between these two: Leigh Ann Ulrey '11 and Sam Brennan '11.

Leigh Ann and Sam met as incoming freshmen. She was from Texas; he was from Grand Rapids, then Northville in his high school years, a suburban area west of Detroit. A country apart, but Leigh Ann and Sam connected at LandSea in Killarney, Canada, an opportunity that is part of the College’s first-year orientation program. They have been together, meeting challenges side-by-side, ever since.

It begins like this: "When I lived in Texas, I was looking at colleges somewhat nonchalantly, " said Leigh Ann. "Kalamazoo College kept sending postcards, and gave me a reason to take my search more seriously after I looked into what K had to offer, and that all started because I liked the funny name." 

On the basis of that funny name, or perhaps in spite of it, Leigh Ann found ...

READ THE FULL ARTICLE at Kalamazoo College's "Be Light," - how Leigh Ann and Sam fall in love with each other, with K College, and now, the supposedly doomed city of Detroit. 

Detroit, Michigan

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