Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Stone Painting of Orion

by Zinta Aistars

Much of the work at Z Word, LLC, is about writing and editing. Some of it is publicity work for other writers. But a less known part of the business is painted stones by commission.

I collect stones for painting on various beaches during my travels. Over time, I've learned which ones work best: smooth with the least porous surface, so as not to absorb the paint. Lake Superior's rocky beaches are the best! I have baskets and baskets full of these stones at home, and when someone asks me to paint something for them, the fun begins by sitting down at one of these baskets and sorting through the stones to find just the right one.

For this commission, I've been asked to paint my client's favorite constellation, Orion. He provided a few drawings that he liked, but I also did an Internet search for inspiration. Found a couple, but I began with a diagram of the stars themselves.

First, I washed the stone and let it dry for a few moments atop my wood stove. Out come the paints and brushes, and I immerse myself in my work. It's a delightful change from working with words, and I find myself forgetting time. Always a good sign, when the pass age of time is but a blur. I start at noon, but it is late evening by the time I finish, yet I feel refreshed by the project. I hope my client likes it!

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