Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jeanne Hess writes it right

Now and then I read someone else's blog that hits it so spot on that I have to share. Jeanne Hess, one of my favorite authors whom I tagged a few days ago in my  "Next Big Thing," the athlete behind the book, Sportuality: Finding Joy in the Games, put into words what so many of us have been thinking for a long time ... yet few will say it aloud. Brave writing. Sportual writing.

Hess takes on team uniforms, high heels, the halftime show at the Super Bowl, and yes, THAT issue of Sports Illustrated.

Past the Illusions

Several years ago, my volleyball team competed in a tournament with three other teams. One of the teams represented a Christian school that did not allow their team to dress in the accepted cultural uniform of the day: short, tight spandex shorts and a sleeveless or short-sleeve fitted top. This particular team wore what was more akin to a basketball uniform with knee-length, loose-fitting shorts and a loose t-shirt. All indications and scouting reports from my and my assistant coach’s perspective were that we matched up well with this team, but we believed our team had the advantage because we were the taller, stronger, and more skilled squad.
They were our last match of the day, and as we both took the court for pregame warm ups, I noticed our team glancing at the other team, making cracks to one another, and judging them based upon ...


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