Thursday, July 26, 2012

Z Word on Facebook

"Not just any word. Z Word."

Here it is, Z Word on Facebook.

As I revamp my website to reflect my fast developing writing and editing service, called Z Word, I am simultaneously expanding its social media reach. Because, as well all know, that's one of the ways that people network today. We have a strong web presence, we Tweet, we show our face on Facebook.

Z Word is and isn't new. After all, I've been writing and editing, well, forever. Here a bit, there a bit, evening hours and weekends. Now, at long last, I am cutting the cord with other employers and making a life on writing and editing alone. Z Word, LLC, is to become my full-time work. I am tucking my online literary magazine, The Smoking Poet, under its umbrella.

Not an easy move, as it has taken decades of working for others to establish myself on ground that won't collapse underneath me at first dry month of income. Someone asked me recently, how do I do it? That isn't easy to answer. The passion began for the child, always knowing who I was, a writer, and what I love to do, where I find my bliss--in a good word, finely turned. It never occurred to me to do anything else. Every step along the way was toward this goal.

Follow that child's dream up with a lifetime of that writing and editing here, there, everywhere I could get my word in edgewise. A lifetime of placing work in markets that would have me. Building block upon building block. Where does it begin and where does it end? It simply expands. And I have been blessed to work for others as a writer and editor for a very long time before taking the skydive alone. I've worked as writer and editor for higher education, health care and as a contractor for various profit and non-profit businesses, always learning something more to hone my skill.

At last, I could check off all the prerequisite boxes. I am ready. Even having the "office" in place, my beloved Z Acres, the headquarters that keeps on giving. Not a small thing. This office with a view (ten acres deep in the country) gives me courage, strength, respite and inspiration to work at my craft. I even bring the occasional client here.

Will I succeed? Watch and see. Better yet, hire me. Here's what I do:

Zinta offers freelance writing and editing services in:
Ad copy
Annual reports and company overviews
Book reviews
Family history
Fortune magazine's ranking applications (100 Best Places to Work)
Manuscript editing
Marketing plans
Media relations
Press releases
Resumes and cover letters
Social media
Web copy
Visit for more information, writing samples, references.


  1. An exciting venture from the center of your personal Eden. Best wishes, Zinta.


  2. Thank you, Malcolm. I appreciate that.

  3. Best of luck in your continued adventure! My historical fiction novel is almost complete. I might need your insights on it when I'm finished. Would you proof a whole novel?

  4. Absolutely! That's some of my favorite editing work to do. Send me an email at with a few sample pages, and I can give you a sample of my work and pricing. Let me know if you want only proofing for typos and grammar, any copyediting, and so on. And ... congratulations on almost completing a novel! Always impressive.