Thursday, July 12, 2012

Second Wave: The Business of Beekeeping in Southwest Michigan (Z Acres!)

The business of beekeeping in Southwest Michigan

The demand for honey is up and that's good for beekeepers. Now if only they can keep the bees alive. Zinta Aistars talks to Jon Noble about a business that literally buzzes.
Published in this week's issue of Second Wave Media, my article inspired by Jon the beekeeper and his beehives on my own Z Acres ... don't miss the wonderful photos by Erik Holladay!
Jon the beekeeper at Z Acres (Erik Hollada photo)
Jon Noble’s calm gaze follows the buzzing flight of the honey bee without worry.

"If I’m going to get stung," he says, "then I might as well do the beekeeping myself." That was Noble’s thought growing up and visiting his grandfather’s farm near Grand Rapids. He started beekeeping there as a hobby, keeping two beehives on the farm and checking on them a couple times a month. He was fascinated to watch the bees then and the fascination remains.

Jon Noble and his bees produce Noble Honey. He and wife Kari live in the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it village of Watson in Southwest Michigan, but his bees -- they live all over the place. Well, not quite all over the place. Noble places his hives at various farms and properties in and about Watson, along the 131-interstate corridor...

Read the FULL ARTICLE on Second Wave Media, with more stunning photos.

Jon checking hives for honey at Z Acres (Erik Holladay photo)


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