Saturday, September 17, 2016

Between the Lines: Writing for Kids

by Zinta Aistars

for WMUK 102.1 FM
Southwest Michigan's NPR affiliate

Between the Lines is my weekly radio show about books and writers with a Michigan connection. It airs every Tuesday at 7:50 a.m., 11:55 a.m., and 4:20 p.m. (or listen anytime online), on WMUK 102.1 FM, Southwest Michigan's NPR affiliate. I am the host of Between the Lines.

This week's guest: Kelly DiPucchio 

Kelly DiPucchio

Kelly DiPucchio writes children’s books because she can’t imagine writing anything else. She’s written twenty of them so far and is just getting started. Two of her books, Grace for President and The Sandwich Swap, were New York Times bestsellers. This month, she added a new book to the shelf: Everyone Loves Cupcake.

Grace for President, published in 2008, has taken on new life during the current presidential campaign. It’s a story about a little girl who notices that there are no women on a poster of U.S. presidents. Grace decides to run for president of the student council in her school to help change that.

“Every election, the book has another life added to it,” DiPucchio says. “This year, it’s had all kinds of interest in it. Rutgers University did a program in which they sent out copies to congresswomen and mayors and senators, encouraging them to takeGrace for President out into their communities and read them as part of their ‘Teach a Girl to Lead’ program.”
  DiPucchio’s newest book, Everyone Loves Cupcake, deals with sweeter matters. The character Cupcake is a perfectionist – every sprinkle in place – but finds herself dealing with self-esteem issues.
Although the book deals with some serious ...

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