Monday, June 30, 2014

Sports medicine team keeps a young gymnast vaulting

Chloe - Osteochondritis Dissecans of Elbow 

by Zinta Aistars
Chloe Uson

What Shane Uson saw when Matthew Axtman, DO, an orthopaedic sports medicine specialist with Spectrum Health Medical Group, showed him x-ray images of his daughter Chloe’s elbow looked like fragments of floating bone. It was a scary image.

“Chloe was 11 years old when problems with her elbow first started,” Shane Uson says. “That was three years ago. She’s a gymnast, and at one point the pain in her elbow was bad enough that she couldn’t bring her hands to her shoulders.”

Shane Uson is the owner of Grand Rapids Gymnastics (GRG), a recreational and competitive gymnastics and activity center for boys and girls, from toddlers through high school. He kept a close eye on his daughter, as he does with all the young gymnasts at GRG, and when Chloe could no longer straighten her arm after a practice session, he knew this wasn’t just a passing pain associated with exercise.

“I heard a clicking and popping sound,” he says. “I took Chloe to another medical facility, and they did an MRI and took some x-rays, but weeks went by and nothing happened. I had to finally call to ask if I could get the test results.”

Uson was told his daughter’s painful elbow was “normal” for a young gymnast, but when the pain persisted, he sought out a second opinion. Uson called a clinical athletic trainer and the manager of the sports medicine program at ...

Chloe with her father, Shane, gym owner

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