Saturday, July 27, 2013

Escape Artist

by Zinta Aistars
Copyright 2013 (text and images)

Apparently, the outhouse in my woods by the Cottage on the Hill has forest creatures visiting, too. Toilet paper must make good nesting material (note to self: buy big coffee can in which to keep roll). Ah, there you are! My new little friend panics when I open the door and makes for a quick, well, not so quick, escape. He very nearly gets stuck in a knothole in the wall. Does he make it?

There he is, climbing the wall when I open the door, looking for a quick getaway.

I see you!

Ah, here's a way out! Maybe ... just squeaking through ... 

Uh-oh .... maybe not. 

Then again, maybe so. Back into the sunlight! 


  1. Oh my! That is so least from where I'm sitting 1000 miles away! At least you know what hole to plug! Hopefully that's the only one! Usually, however, where there is one little mousey, there are usually more...Good luck!

  2. Oh, mice don't worry me. It's an outhouse in the middle of the woods, I expect as much, and I don't intend to even try to keep them out. The forest belongs to them more than it does to me. I think they are sweet little creatures. What I will do, however, is get a large container, perhaps a coffee can, to hold the roll of toilet paper.