Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Sportual Tigers Fan Blogs to Yankees Fans

Now and then I want to shine a light on someone deserving. I'm a big fan of author and coach Jeanne Hess, and her blogs are making home runs on more than one field. She has a guest blog on Lady Loves Pinstripes, hosted by Kate Conroy.

Yankees Universe do you know what Sportuality means?

As a baseball lover, the mother of two Detroit Tiger draftees, and author of a sport-themed book, I couldn’t help but notice your blog. Thanks for letting me stop in to offer a few words. I was 10 years old when I experienced my first Tiger World Series championship. My 5th grade teacher, Mr. Somerville, brought a small black and white TV into our classroom because that was back in the day when the series was still played during the day. Most of the girls in my class would rather have been out jumping rope, but I was happy as a clam because these were my boys: Kaline, Cash, Horton, Freehan, McClain, Lolich, Northrup, McAuliffe, Stanley, and the Gator. Ray-O-Vac made a profit off me that year, because I used up tons of batteries listening to the games on the transistor radio hidden under my pillow.

I wrote about this love of the Tigers in my recent book, Sportuality: Finding Joy in the Games, as well as the rivalries that inevitably exist at all levels of sport. Rivalries can bring out the very best, or the very worst in all of us. Sportuality asks that ...

(and give it a thumbs up!)

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