Thursday, December 06, 2012

Two consumed by fire set the community alight

Published in Southwest Michigan's Second Wave Media

Michelle Johnson (Photo by Erik Holladay at

Two consumed by fire set the community alight

It takes Fuel to feed Fire. Denise Miller and Michelle Johnson have worked out what's needed to keep the nonprofit Fire going. They talk to Zinta Aistars about what's at the heart of the many works they do across Kalamazoo.

Denise Miller and Michelle Johnson do far more than just nurture the arts in Kalamazoo. These two are on Fire. That's, Fire Historical and Cultural Arts Collaborative, located in an old firehouse at 1249 Portage Road, with a reach that embraces the greater community and beyond, and beyond, and beyond.

Michelle Johnson is not kidding when, with a grin and a shrug, she says of their collaboration, "I've been known to do the laundry."  What Johnson and Miller do is a laundry list of good deeds and efforts, organizations branching off businesses, nonprofits paralleling profitable endeavors.
Fire is: art gallery, poetry showcase, Creative Justice Press, culinary arts program, catering service, WFCR radio, Youth Creative Productions. Spitfire Improv, Readers' Theater, and Poet's Society are coming soon. Their focus is on ...

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