Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chefs of Southwest Michigan: Three to Watch

by Zinta Aistars
Published in Southwest Michigan's Second Wave Media
October 11, 2012

Celebrity events, corporate dining rooms and the dining room at home are all places these three chefs of Southwest Michigan have showcased their culinary talents. Zinta Aistars talks with Matthew Pietsch, Andy Havey, and Denise Miller about their latest endeavors.

Chef Matt Pietsch at SALT OF THE EARTH

Chef Denise Miller at FUEL
From downtowns to the rural reaches of Southwest Michigan, no matter where you travel, local chefs have something delicious for your dinner plate. Three of those, who diners are going out of their way to seek out, can be found in their kitchens in Fennville, Texas Township, and Kalamazoo.

Chef Matthew Pietsch

When Matthew Pietsch walked down the main street of tiny town Fennville, resume in hand, he stopped at the door numbered 114. It was locked. He peered through the glass. The place, once a restaurant, was obviously closed--and not just for the night. It was closed, as in closed for business. He slipped his resume through the mail slot anyway, watched it float to the floor, and walked away.

A week later, Pietsch got a phone call ....


Photography by Erik Holladay.

Chef Andy Havey at BOLD

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