Thursday, August 02, 2012

Michigan Author Michael Delp: Our Interview on WMUK 102.1 FM

From the WMUK 102.1 FM website:

Michigan author Michael Delp on learning to see the world as a writer

(Photo: Wayne St. Univ.)
Michigan author Michael Delp writes poetry, essays, and short fiction, mostly about his almost spiritual experiences with nature and the Great Lakes.

Michael Delp is almost more of a fisherman than a writer. Delp says fishing helps him to visualize the world like an animal, to look at the details in nature. He says one of his goals is to see more acutely as a writer.

Read the article and listen to the full interview (an edited version aired on WMUK Tuesday, July 31, 2012):

Download Z and Michael Delp interview. (21:18)

WMUK is Kalamazoo, Michigan's NPR affiliate station.

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