Thursday, March 01, 2012

Zinta Gets Kinected

Published in Southwest Michigan's Second Wave Media:

Kirk Latimer, above, and Gabriel Giron, below. Photo by Erik Holladay.

The beautiful scars of Kinetic Affect bring healing to others

Slam poetry competitors turned business partners, the two men behind Kinetic Affect have found a way to connect with audiences of all kinds through their vulnerability. Zinta Aistars talks to them about their art and business.

Sold out crowds  gather to hear them at school fundraisers, art hops, comedy and improvisational shows, talent shows and theaters. And connecting community service to the spoken word art form, the team of two poets also performs to audiences of those that some might say have been forgotten by society: at-risk youth, single mothers raising children, prison inmates, struggling addicts.

Yet the healing isn’t just happening among those in the audience. On stage, the healing touches poets and performers Kirk Latimer and Gabriel Giron as well.

"Scars are beautiful," says Giron. "We’re not here to change the broken."

"The broken are here to change the world," finishes Latimer.

They talk like a perfectly aligned and synchronized couple from a long-standing marriage that has taught one how to finish the sentences of the other, fill in the blanks, lead into the next sentence.

"Although we started out competing against each other," says Giron.

Latimer: "I was the wild card .... "

Read the full article on Southwest Michigan's Second Wave. Because this is one my favorite stories ever. 

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