Sunday, March 13, 2011


 by Zinta Aistars

There you lie in the cool shadows, long velvet ears folded back—so very still, so very still.

At peace with the rumblings of the Earth.
At peace with the ravenous Wolves.
At peace with the durable Tortoise.
At peace with the terrors of Man.
At peace with the enticements of Clover.
At peace with the dangling of Carrots.

In stillness, sunlight dapples warm across the silken curve of your back.

In stillness, you hold within you—Earth, Wolf, Tortoise, Man, Clover, Carrot.

In stillness, only your tender nose twitches, attentive to All, missing Nothing.


  1. You draw, too? Excellent!

  2. In this case ... paint. See also my painted stones photo album on FB.

  3. Ah, peace!

    Great work.



  4. Thank you, Casey. I see so many rabbits when I go for my morning walk just before dawn ... and I am always fascinated at how they are able to freeze in place, only their noses twitching. At that moment, I imagine their hearts are hammering, but at other times, observed at a distance, I marvel at the animal ability to sit and just be.

  5. ah, a charming broadside this will be - brava, z.!

  6. Shaping up to be, Jeannie! Exploring this new means of creative expression ...