Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Smoking Poet - Summer 2009 - Online Now!

“A fine cigar and good literature―two of life’s most enduring pleasures.

Gluttony of riches, I’d say. Awash in it. Rolling in literary mud. And if you think about it, mud is good earth with just enough spit, and maybe a bit of blood, perhaps a drop of sweat, added to make it into a clayish goop that you can mold into whatever shape you wish. Yes, even Art. And what do we not have here?

We have mesmerizing Trash, the kind that wins first prize (Dan Skelton). We have Good Luck Charm (Emily Burns Ross) in second, and Mum in Decline (J. Louise Larson) in third. Jorro’s Emancipation (Stephen Joseph) earned Honorable Mention.

We have American Salvage, spanking new story collection by our feature author—and honorary judge of our short story contest—Bonnie Jo Campbell. For added spice: an entire, glorious, raucous page of Bonnie’s poetry. “Fiction is like a marriage; poetry is like a quick, exciting affair.”

We have A Good Cause: The V3 Campaign. It’s about Voice, Value and Votes by Lorena Audra Rutens, newest treasure added to our editorial masthead. Lorena will bring you new good causes every issue. Do your part.

We have the lush colors of summer in the artwork of Viestarts Aistars. Nearly every page.

We have poet Shaindel Beers, chatting it up with us.

We have book reviews, where we slander and praise, pages updated throughout the coming weeks. New assistant editor Skye Leslie will tell you just exactly what she thinks of American Salvage.

We have the Cigar Lounge smoking up the place. Rich, fragrant smoke. Sniff out the stogies and light your own fire.

Glory in it all. As we do. Summer is bounty and this issue certainly is that.

With a good word,

Zinta Aistars
The Smoking Poet

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