Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Double Jeopardy

by Zinta Aistars

Be still my silly human heart
at the sweet heat of those animal eyes!
Dog, you disarm me.
I’m left panting, my ear cocked
for the dance and clatter of your claws
on my once unmarred kitchen floor.
Press of your small curved back
against mine all those barren nights
our favorite man is not home.
You lay your furred head on his pillow,
I snuggle in cozy to my own wistful dreams
we both share: of his key in the door.
How can he resist you? the allure
of your cold, wet, grubby nose
nudging his warm palm when it hangs
loose from the arm of his favorite chair,
lost in a book, lost in his human reverie…
you slurp him back to attention,
and we both glory in his sudden laugh.
We both hum in contented pleasure
at the warm scratch and pat of that hand.

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