Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Laundry Day

by Zinta Aistars

"Vela zavejas," watercolor, by Viestarts Aistars

Slap flapping in the wind,
sheets setting sail
to an imagined neverland,
a feigned journey of shifty
clothespin pirates,
their snagged bevy
of shanghaied petticoats
twisting on the wire.
Brazen buccaneers
with wooden knobby faces
pinning satin delicates
against a shameless pillowed sky;
whipped into a frenzy
this sun-spilt day has fast become
their sun crazed and billowing ball.

On this line, strained taut
from nail to nail,
begin all maiden voyages:
a roiling sea of sand
beneath a dance of empty dresses
and fluttering loose stockings
that twine in slinky scandal
around a waltzing pant leg,
a cuff that glances on a skirt pleat,
a sleeve that lingers lightly on a blouse,
the coy invitation of a shirt
with all its buttons
come undone.

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