Saturday, January 08, 2005


by Zinta Aistars

The time is now:
this moment, this
blink of an eye.
All changes, all breathes,
all life swallows
its own core
and is reformed.
Each cell regenerates,
every heartbeat leads
to another to flush
lifeblood through veins
that snake through a body
each day reborn.

A hatching thought,
epiphany – burst of bright,
inflaming an idea
to burn the torch of mind,
this place where life begins:
not seeded in flesh or womb,
but in grooves and coiled
fist of thoughts.

The creator in all of us,
semblance of divinity,
creator giving creation
a legacy to light
the candle beneath its cover –
lux esto – burn bright,
be light, creator
and creation both –
oyster and its pearl.

Touch the cool waters
and know your powers.
Illumine pathways,
blaze the trails,
mold the clay,
claim the life
steaming inside your soul.

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